Funkit Toys main line of clear silicone toys are designed to be used together. Want to get a dildo a little deeper, or a better grip for the Swat or Jellyfish? Attach another toy and you have a handle. Want to add a bullet vibe? The Pommel isn't just for strap-on play, you can put it on any toy any time. Want to tie a toy in place for some rope play? Stick the Hub on the end and run your rope through the grooves. The more Funkit Toys you have, the more ways you have to enjoy them.

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A silicone ball gag, a ball grip for another toy, the Oracle is multipurpose. Strap it in on its own or pair it with the Line and tie it around someone's head, the Oracle is comfortable enough for long term wear and uncomfortable enough to do its job. If you decide it looks like a good buttplug as well, sanitize it in boiling water, a 10% bleach solution, or steam autoclave and wash before switching ends.