Do you hate candy corn? Shove it up your ass.

The Candy Corn buttplug is lovingly sculpted to my personal favorite brand's shape and scaled up. This year, there are 3 sizes: 


smol: 3.75 inches long, with a 2.5" long, 1.5" wide, and 1" thick bulb, and a 1 inch long stem

reasonable measurements: 100mm, 65*38*25mm bulb, 21mm stem


lorge: 5.75" overall, 3.37*2*1.37" bulb and a 1.12" stem, which is just over an inch wide

reasonable measurements: 135mm, 90*53*35mm bulb, 28*28mm stem


Huge: 7.25" overall, 4.62*2.87*1.75" bulb and a 1.5*1.5" stem

reasonable measurements: 183mm, 118*73*46mm bulb, 38*38mm stem


They're all hand-poured in three stages for nice even stripes in squishy soft Shore 0050 silicone. They start shipping October 1st, and are available until November.

Candy Corn Buttplug

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