Preorders end in October, orders start shipping October 1st! Waitlist is currently about 3 weeks, but I'm printing extra molds to speed things up.


Do you hate candy corn? Shove it up your ass.

The Candy Corn buttplug is lovingly sculpted to my personal favorite brand's shape and scaled up. There are 3 sizes: 


smol: 4 inches long, with a 2.5" long, 1.5" wide, and 1" thick bulb, and a 1 inch long stem

reasonable measurements: 100mm, 65*38*25mm bulb, 21mm stem


lorge: 5.75" overall, 3.37*2*1.37" bulb and a 1.12" stem, which is just over an inch wide

reasonable measurements: 135mm, 90*53*35mm bulb, 28*28mm stem


Huge: 7.25" overall, 4.62*2.87*1.75" bulb and a 1.5*1.5" stem

reasonable measurements: 183mm, 118*73*46mm bulb, 38*38mm stem


They're all hand-poured in three stages for nice even stripes in squishy soft Shore 0050 silicone. They start shipping October 1st, and are available until November.

Candy Corn Buttplug 2022