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There's something fishy about this paddle...


It's a fish you hit people with. I have no troubt ee'll be salmon' it into someone's (b)ass in no time.  Cover everything but the handle in water-based lube for an extra realistic experience!


Made of medium-firm shore 18a silicone or soft 0050, this silicone fish paddle is as much fun to swing as it is to look at. or be hit with. Or watch someone be hit with in an elaborate market/fishing boat roleplay. Can be turned around to mount on your wall without the logo facing out. It's nearly a pound of silicone.


The firm one is easier to wield, the floppy one is funnier. Take your pick!


head to tail: 44.2cm, 17.4 in


belly to fin: 8.5cm, 3.33 in


gill to gill: 2.53cm, 1 in

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