Launching August 1st!


The NoFrillPlug plays by the same rules NoFrillDos do: Designed for quality, safety, affordability, and nothing else. Made of soft, body-safe Shore 0050 silicone, the NoFrillPlug is comfortable, affordable, and exactly what you see in the picture. It comes in 1 (one) shape and one (1) color, and may come in sizes after the initial launch depending on demand. If you can afford a fancier buttplug, support the creation of fancier buttplugs. It's worth it. If not, though? I think you should be able to buy a safe, non-toxic sex toy without worrying about rent.


What are the best features of a NoFrillPlug?

NoFrillPlug doesn't come with features. Features are expensive. Instead, it comes with these:

  • Every NoFrillPlug has a shape causing it to occupy a set amount of space. This means it can be put in a hole, and the t-shaped base means your doctor doesn't have to know.
  • A NoFrillPlug is guaranteed not to come with any guarantees. NoFrillPlug promises nothing.
  • NoFrillPlug comes in color, making it visible to the human eye. This color is not pink.
  • NoFrillPlug can be cleaned with unscented soap and water. No need for "toy cleaners". Just soap.
  • NoFrillPlugs are cheap, so you can spend the money you saved on a nice, water-based lube of your choice.
  • NoFrillPlug doesn't come with instructions. NoFrillPlug trusts your ingenuity. Also, printing things is expensive.


NoFrillPlug comes in one (1) shapes and 1 (one) colors:


  • NoFrillPlug: Your classic egg-on-a-stick buttplug with a t-shaped base to keep the doctor away. 38mm head, 26mm diameter, 25mm stem, and 72mm overall length. Or, in the US, Liberia, and Myanmar, a 1 3/8 inch head with 1" diameter and ~3 circumference, 1 inch stem, and a 3" overall length.


  • K: blacK. Or Koal, whatever helps designers sleep at night.