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Cashew Nib in hand poured, Shore 18A FDA-certified food-safe translucent platinum silicone with a branded suction-cup base. 

The Cashew Nib is a plug. Not a buttplug, not a vaginal plug, just a plug. Put it wherever you want. Angled to put pressure on your sensitive internal spots and a tapered end for easy insertion, the Nib also has, well, nibs, designed for rubbing of the vulva and clitoris with varying points of pressure for non-vibrating stimulation, and a harness-compatible suction cup base which folds up for better comfort during long-term use.


Overall Length: 11.22cm, 4.42"

Insertable Length: 9.53cm, 3.75"
Widest Point: 3.87cm, 1.52"
Base: 5.5cm, 2.16"

Primary Cashew Nib

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