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Funkit Toys are modular sex toys you can stick together for new ways to play. Whether you use one toy as a handle for another, use a bullet-vibe holder to turn a paddle into a vibrating sleeve, attach a dildo to a ballgag so you can ride someone's face in style and silence, or just make a double-ended toy with different ends to meet you and your partners' unique preferences, ingenuity, safety, and fun are what Funkit Toys aims for, and we hope you'll bring a few Funkit Toys into your life. The gallery below has some history and descriptions. Want to see more? Check out the Funkit Store!

Swing Rainbow
Fun Size Funkits at Woodhull
VeeDee Vibrator
Hub Redesign
Sunrise and Sunset Swings
Flash! aahAAAAaaaaah!
Package front
Funkit Modern packaging, rear
Oversaturated Swing
NoFrillDo lineup
My largest wholesale order
Fun-Size Funkits
Fun custom colors
Prototype Failure!
Bi Awareness Week 2017!
Prototype Paddles for Patrons
Funkit Toys is scaling up!
Jellyfish 2
Umber 1.2?
Woodhull SFS 2017
Patreon redesigns
Color matching
Inventory Shelf
Completed wheel
Folding Changing Wartenburg
Patreon Oddity and Stickers!
Jellyfish Flogger
Blown Glass from Funkit
Glass toys!
Metal Shop!
Pinwheel test
Squeeze prototype
Vacuum Chamber Upgrade
SheVibe full order
SheVibe order
Tung oil paddles
Green and Violet
Pan Pride Blade mold/pigment test
Eyefuck Cyan and Retinal Damage Pink
Colorful Fun-Size Funkits
Pommel prototype
Oracle gag
Rainbow Paddles
Happy Halloween!
Fun-Size Funkits
Dilator Set test
A Signet history
Funkit Store Packaging
Happy Fun-Size
Funkit SDS booth
October's toy
Make Your Mark
More Signets
Sign testing
It's a Sign
Embroidery tests
Paddle pt. 4
Paddle Pt. 3
Paddle Pt. 2
Paddle Planning
Routed paddles
Various Paddles
Paddle Puddle
the Funkit Slinky
Signet test
Peacock Swing
Signet molds
Rhino MK.II
Crista Swing
Crista Swell
Swat Paddle
Medical Grade
Branded cup base
Logo Suction Cup
Header Image
Funkit Branded Cup Bases
Test toys for bloggers!
Funkit Window Installation
Black and White
Dual Density
Silicone Marble
One Part Molding
Lower Waste Molding Process
Rapid Mold Prototyping
Failed Prints
Cashew plug prototype
The Funkit Toys Silicone Candle!
No material wasted.
Beanana butt-plug!
The Beat Cleaver Catalog
Funkit Dildo Test
Funkit Test Dildo Mold
Beat Cleaver Woodshop
Mold Reveal
Beat Cleaver Heart
Floorboard, Cock Block, Test Dildo
Vacuum Degasser
Suction cup test
Mold and suction cup creation
Beat Cleaver, spiked bloodwood
Beat Cleaver Paddles
Beat Cleaver Paddles
Fun Dip
Graphic design page
Beat Cleaver Pair
Pride In Your Work
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