Yes, you can finally get the Fun Size Funkits outside the Patreon! 
The Patreon.
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Fun Size Funkits were originally the mold tests I printed to check printability, extractibility, and the look of the toys, but... people love tiny dildos. I love tiny dildos. So they've been around on the patreon for a while, and now they're here. However many you get, they're randomly selected. Most are colorless, with a rare few having swirls, and rarer still, some are tests of new color styles and pigments, or even unreleased prototypes.

These are not intended for use as sex toys. Certain designs, like the Jellyfish and Umber, cannot be miniaturized. Some designs are more common than others. I line them up and use a random number generator to pick which ones you get.

Fun Size Funkit Random Pack

How many tiny dildos do you want?
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