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Funkit's stingy little monster is back, with some major improvements! With 1/16th" radius routed edges, a reshaped handle for better grip, extra mean scratching hook for sensation play, reduced price due to ease of production improvements, and loads of other tiny tweaks to the design, this 9x2 inch slapper is more bang for your buck and your butt.


Made with minimizing waste in mind, every 18 paddles produced makes only four 1/2-1/4" thick strips of acrylic, which I then turn into other impact toys. Other than the material shaved off by rounding and the holes cut out for the strap, this product is zero waste and uses reused packing materials. Just reuse the mailer it comes in!


~14 inches in total length, ~5.5 inch handle. String color is either sky blue, red, neon green, or purple.

Funkit Acrylic Paddle 2.0

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