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1: When your opponent takes one of your pieces, they may tell you what to do with it.

2: When inserting a non-pawn anally, use the included attachment for base flareitude.

3: Queen vibrates. If you lose it, put it in and turn it on. That's chess, baby! Get chessed.

4: If you lose your king, put it in your butt (or wherever) until the winner says so.


Funkit Chess is a full set of chess-themed dildos and plugs. Each designed with elements of how the piece moves incorporated into its shape, and each designed to be frustrating or uncomfortable in some way. This is a game for two kinky players, and is an especially good way for two switches to decide who's domming today. It comes with two rechargeable bullet vibes, two Dock base widening attachments, a vinyl board, 16 pawns, 4 rooks, knights, and bishops, two queens, and two kings.




Pieces: shore 0050 silicone (squishy)


Queen: 185mm insertable, 60mm widest point. (7.25"x2.25")

King: 155mm insertable, 40mm widest point. (6.25"x1.5")

Bishop: 146mm insertable, 35mm widest point. (6"x1.25")

Knight: 105mm insertable, 40mm widest point. (4.5"x1.5")

Rook: 96mm insertable, 33mm widest point. (3.75"x1.25")

Pawn: 73mm insertable, 27mm widest point. (3"x1")


Board: 900x900mm, (3x3')


Custom colors will take extra time to process due to my pigment supplier's ship times, and are limited by pigment safety.

Funkit Chess

Colors (With Black unless specified)
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