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The little sticky hands from the capsule machine on the way out of the grocery store have gotten a bit bigger, and a whole lot safer. It has a ribbed handle with a deeper groove at the top for tying a strap, and an optional hole at the end if you prefer that method of attachment over ease of cleaning if you want to insert it.

At 61cm (24 inches) long and 10cm (4 inches) from fingertip to fingertip, with a 2.5cm (1 inch) wide stem and made of sticky, stretchy soft shore 0050 silicone, this sticky hand can leave a mark, and due to not being a nasty little tpr mess, it won't be an oily mark on your wall. But don't hit your wall, you might dent it. Available in translucent blue and green just like the real things.

Name by @A_MxPromiscuous on twitter.


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