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You know the image. You found it online in your formative years, when you were a little too young to be looking at such things. It was all porn, of course, but this was different. It was special, it awakened something in you. You've come back to this folder on your computer more times than any other. It's been copied from dying laptop to backup drive to phone and back again. It might still be online, but what search terms would you even use to find this exact thing again? It's getting a little crispy, a little degraded, but it always looks to you just like it did late that night. A revelation.

It would like to thank you, for keeping it all these years.

This is the Jpeg Artifact, a tribute to those digital diversions we make back to the things that have turned us on for what feels like forever. It's soft to complement the hard edges of those misplaced and miscopied pixels, poured in shore 0050 silicone with 15.4cm (6in) of insertable length and a difficult to calculate diameter of between 1.3 and 1.6 inches. Designed with lots of texture and bumps focusing on the upper side and a... not really curved end, it's good for grinding on externally or hitting the right spots inside.

Jpeg Artifact

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