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This is a discontinued, arduino-based programmable vibrator kit from the long-dead Orgasmatronics.


It comes with a vibrating egg, usb B cable, Arduino Uno, AAbattery pack and 9V connector, AA batteries, a custom board, and a power connector to be soldered to the battery connector of your choice.

I picked up a bunch of these in the days before I knew what Funkit Toys was going to be. I've moved them between 5 workspaces before finally getting around to listing them in the shop. They're pretty cool and I've had fun with the one I opened, but it's time to accept I'll never be teaching the in-store class I was dreaming of when I bought them (and also take back the closet space). If that sounds like your kind of thing, send me an email and I'll gladly sell what I have left of them to you at cost.

Terian (@spine_cone on twitter) has a brilliant tutorial for it here.

Master Beta Kit

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