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It's the NoFrillDos you know and love, but something is wrong. A symbol of the bourgeoise. A terrible, terrible secret. Just a touch of... utility.


There are two frill options:


The suction cup allows you to stick a NoFrillDo with it to another NoFrillDo with one, or indeed, to any of my modular toys, or even, dare I say it? A flat surface, like a table, window, or shower tile.

The Bullet Vibe Slot allows you to use a bullet vibe, but wait, there's more! It's also shaped for use as a grip, pointing the dildo inwards OR outwards, for filling your own holes or those of another, or having a dildo swordfight.


Series 1:

R: Helical design, fun for rotation and penetration. 6.75" insertable length, 1.25" diameter.

G: A g-spot/p-spot toy. 6.75" insertable length, 1.25" diameter.

B: A slightly shorter and thicker model with two stimulating bumps on one side. 5.75" insertable length, 1.33" diameter.


Series 2:

X: Ribbed, 7" insertable 1.9" thick, or 18.1x4.85cm.

L: Longer, curved, 8.25" long and 1.6" diameter, widening to 1.75" at the base, or 20x4.1cm to 4.6cm.

The Series 2 NoFrillDos are not recommended for anal use due to their narrow base, however the Dock attachment I make for my regular toy line works well to solve this.


Series 3:

T: Grooved, textured cylinder. 5.2 inches insertable, 1.05 inches in diameter.

P: Swooping curve with added material on top to keep its shape. 5.3" insertable, 1" dia.

W: Zigzagged wobble. Makes a great noise coming out of the mold, which is usually a good sign