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NoFrillDo Series 3: Filling your holes, but not very much. Same safe, affordable silicone toys, but smaller!


You can choose to let me select the shape or color for any toy for a slight discount.


NoFrillDo Series 3 comes in 3 shapes, shown from left to right above:


T: Grooved, textured cylinder. 5.2 inches insertable, 1.05 inches in diameter.

P: Swooping curve with an added ridge on top to keep its shape. 5.3" insertable, 1" dia.

W: Zigzagged wobble. Makes a great noise coming out of the mold, which is usually a good sign. 4.8" insertable, 1.05"diameter.



C: Cyan.

M: Magenta.

Y: Yellow.

K: blacK. Or Koal, whatever helps print designers sleep at night.


Frills: Available with a suction cup or bullet vibe slot for an additional fee. The suction cup sticks to things, including other funkit toys to make a double ended toy, and the bullet vibe slot takes a bullet vibe and works well as a grip.


Firmness: Shore 20A, similar to medium steak. If you press your thumb to your middle finger and squeeze the meaty thumb muscle with your other hand, it's about like that. Firm enough to hit the spots, but still squeezable.

The NoFrillDos have no frills. This means no modular connection to other Funkit toys, and no suction cup.

NoFrillDo Series 3 (small)

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