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Available to preorder until November 30th, then it's gone! Ships mid-December, I'll print as many molds as it takes to get them out before chrimmus.

O Tannenbum, O Tannenbum,
How pointy are thy branches!
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree,
You fit right up our asses!
Not only green in living room,
But up out butts you'll be entombed.
O Tannenbum, O Tannenbum,

How pointy are thy branches!


Oh Tannenbum is a christmas tree buttplug. That's all I'd say if I didn't need more text to capture some SEO, so here we go! Christmas tree buttplug go up butt ass anus for christmas tree buttplug fun sex times great enjoy of buttplug for holiday spirit times great time of christmas tree buttplug o tannenbum. Yeah, i know, it's like an amazon listing. Eugh.

Remember to refill the base with water-based lube daily and wrap fairy lights around it when not in use. 


Fake pine scent spray not included.

Length Insertable: 9.9cm, about 4 inches

Diameter: 5cm, just under 2 inches


Circumference: It's Complicated


Overall height: 11.65cm, 4.6 inches

medium soft Shore 0050 silicone

O Tannenbum

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