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The Plug of War is a two-player competitive buttplug game.  Two silicone buttplugs with 36cm (14 inch) of stretchy silicone "rope" in between, just stick them in and pull until someone can't hold on anymore. Stretches to at least 162cm, which is how far I can pull it using my own wingspan, but vastly farther than most will be able to pull it with their lubed-up butts. If a pair of cheeked-up tightasses manage to stretch it longer than three feet, step back, because the winner is gonna get walloped.


Pyrite color pictured is an April Fools' exclusive.

Nutrition Facts:


Firmness: Shore 0050

Overall length - 53cm/21in

Plug length - 8.5cm/3.25in

Plug Bulb: 4.5 long by 4.5cm diameter/1.75 long by 1.75in diameter

Plug Stem: 27mm/1in diameter, 32mm/1.25in length


Plug of War

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