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As someone who's a sex nerd and also just a plain old nerd, I've always loved the idea of sex dice.

The reality, however, is often less fun. There are more than six sexy body parts, and way more than six sexy things to do to them, but even with the more limited 2D6 sets out there, I always manage to roll something like "lick elbow".


I figured as sex educator and sex toy designer, I could do better, and through the power of POLYHEDRAL NERD DICE, I could do a lot more too. After more than a year of fiddling, testing, and design, Funkit Toys' Random Encounters are what I've come up with. Gender-neutral and usable by anyone, they come with stickers to cover any sides that you don't want to use for any reason, whether your kitchen isn't good for getting it on, don't have one of the body parts depicted, or would just prefer to write your own sexy thing over something that isn't your style.


Funkit Toys' Random Encounters is a set of the standard 7 tabletop-game-style polyhedral dice with decidedly non-standard sexy art by Addison Finch.  Fully illustrated and tested for readability with an easy-start guide for any confusion, the dice are as follows:


D4: The big four of any sexy encounter. Mouth, Hands, Bits, Butt. The basic die. Roll it twice for a 1 in 16 chance of just giving your partner or partners a high five. JUST KIDDING, I've thought of ways to make a double hand roll sexy too.


D6: Mouth verbs. Can't decide what to do with your mouth? Give it a toss.


D8: So now that your mouth is busy, what are you doing with your grabby parts?


D10A: Location, location, location. Where are you doing all this mouthing and handsing?


D10B: Intensity, from 1-10. Yep, it's a ten sided die with numbers on it. Innovative!


D12: Mood. Silly or serious, gentle or rough, this is the die you roll if you want to switch up the tone.


D20: Body parts! You can roll this with the mouth or hand die or on its own to find a place to give a little extra attention, and none of the sides specifies an elbow to lick. (You can lick an elbow on the arms roll if you're into that, We Do Not Kinkshame In This House.)


What's inside: A set of the Random Encounters dice, a nice box, printed cheat-sheet, blank stickers to replace any unwanted options, and one "Outdoors" location die sticker for the more adventurous and risk-aware roll-players.


The Deluxe set also includes the Funkit Toys Guide to Dildivination (or how to roll up a horny bard) which will guide you on how to use the dice to divine a future lover or TTRPG character, as well as a link  and password to a secret part of the site with extra games, guides, supplemental text, and print-and-play files for extra things as I come up with them. I'll add to the set as I get more things designed and printed for it, as well, hopefully including ideas from other sex educators and bloggers too!

Random Encounters Sex Dice Deluxe Edition

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