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When I first started Funkit Toys, I launched with two models and made a toy every month. A few months in, someone messaged me from a burner tumblr account to complain that I didn't have any short girthy toys and tell me all about how people with vaginas ALL liked short girthy toys and how their preferences were everyone's preferences and demanded, DEMANDED, that I make a short girthy toy immediately.

I had my lineup fully planned and mostly designed for the next 4 months, and told them purchasing statistics didn't agree with them but I'd look into it later.

Cut to later, I was still feeling salty about it, and designed a toy that was mayyyyyybe deliberately wider than they may have wanted. They say when you set out on a mission of revenge, to dig two graves, and a hammer, chisel, two pairs of pliers, some tinsnips, and several minor hand injuries later, the Rhino MK.I was extracted from a destroyed mold, and I decided to go back to the drawing board to make the short girthy Funkit toy this person insisted everyone would want.

The Rhino MK.II was my worst seller by a hefty margin, and I redesigned it to be longer as the Rhino 3 several years later.

The Rhino 1 lived on in my heart though. I liked the proportions much better, and it was a hit among the privileged few who got to see it at conferences. I decided I should find a way to release it.

So here it is, in softer, easier to extract silicone. The Rhino 1 is shorter, softer, and thicker than the Rhino 3, and comes in 5 shimmery colors with a matching Dock attachment for anal safety. At 12.4cm (4.88in) insertable and 5.46cm (2.15in) at the widest point, the Rhino as originally designed is a chonky boye, and I hope you'll love it.

Rhino 1

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